bike tours

Henk's passion. He does about six tours to Namibia each year (his favourite destination). Also on his standard list is a trip through the Tankwa Karoo and Die Hel in August every year and the Baviaans trip in November every year.

The ittanary of the Namibia trips change every year, so contact him for any questions or info. The trips are all fully supported with back up vechiles and he choses the easier routes to have as comfortable rides as possible. To be able to get more info on this send us your e adres to be listed on our mailing list to be updated of upcoming tours.


  1. Namibia / Botswana Animal Tour. 3 April – 16 April
  2. Bike and Fly in Tankwa Karoo. 6/7/8 May
  3. Southern Namibia camping and chalets. 21 May – 29 May
  4. Namibia / Botswana / Caprivi Tour. 11 June – 20 June
  5. Cape to Windhoek. 24 September – 6 O October
  6. Cape to Windhoek. 11 October – 23 October